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The New York City Council is pushing for 1,000 new NYPD officers, but if we all speak up they will hear us loudly and clearly and reconsider their proposal.
Don’t Be Silent: Take the Pledge to Be an Ally for Racial Justice
The Movement for Black Lives reminds us that we all have a responsibility—regardless of race or skin color—to take a stand against racial injustice. This problem is too massive and pervasive for any of us to ignore.
Tell the Oklahoma Senate to Stop Criminalizing Black Youth
Oklahoma's #HoodieBanBill defeated after Million Hoodies and ColorofChange.org launch campaign to stop the criminalization of Black youth.
Hoodies Up, Guns Down: Demilitarize the Police Today
Send a message to the Department of Defense by signing our petition and demand an end to police militarization today.
Demand Justice for Akinola Gonzalez!
Akinola Gonzalez, an engineering student in Raymond, Mississippi, was arrested on campus in as a result of an alleged dress code violation.