Our members are our strength. We work to amplify the power and visibility of our members to ensure the organization is an influential voice in our movement for human dignity and democracy. Million Hoodies provides the opportunities and skill-building needed to ensure that members learn to leverage strategies for justice, enhance their leadership and through collaboration, bridge social justice movements. We practice the Ella Baker model of group-centered leadership to encourage our members to take ownership over our planning and organizing.


Million Hoodies engages members nationwide in 8+ local chapters collaborating nationally to end anti-black racism and systemic violence. Our members represent a diverse set of experiences and identities from every region of the country.


Membership in Million Hoodies requires a monthly dues payment of $10 a month. Member dues contribute to the organization's Action Fund - micro-grants to chapters to support member education, engagement, and action.


Million Hoodies provides specific benefits that increase the value of membership, build leadership, and strengthen the movement for dignity and democracy.

  • Exclusive access to regional and national convenings, delegations, and trainings
  • Access to toolkits, templates, strategy briefings, and skills building webinars
  • Engagement in internal communications (e.g., listservs, social media) and organizing committees
  • Power to submit campaign and project proposals
  • Voting power
  • Special access to Million Hoodies designed swag


Million Hoodies members are expected to:

  • Dedicate at least four hours a week to Million Hoodies matters
  • Take on leadership roles within the local chapter and/or national organization
  • Believe in the principles of democratic decision-making
  • Contribute a monthly dues of $10 or lower

Join the Movement

Million Hoodies builds the next generation of leaders by empowering our members to win real progressive social change in our communities. Interested? Join a chapter or start one. We're excited to have you on board.