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Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is committed to various issues that matter to young people of color and their families. Here are the campaigns and issues our members are focusing on right now:

Gun Violence

Mass Criminalization

Victims and Families

Those that are most impacted by mass criminalization, gun violence, and brutality, need a space to heal, have their stories amplified, and connect┬áto the movement for justice. Learn more –>

Police Militarization

Militarized policing culture, surveillance technologies, and equipment must all be looked at if we are to see an end of police militarization in our communities. Learn more –>

Safety Beyond Policing

Safer and healthier neighborhoods are strengthened by addressing poverty. This can only happen by truly investing in communities over-criminalized and over-policed–not by throwing more cops, prisons, and surveillance cameras at the problem. Learn more –>

Net Neutrality