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  • Huffington Post Black Voices

    “At Million Hoodies, I get to work with hundreds of young Black people around the country, and I am reminded every day about what our communities have to do in order to live a decent life,” he told The Huffington Post.

  • Catalyst

    This weekend, Executive Director of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Dante Barry taught New College students about what fighting for racial justice looks like from the front lines.

  • Voice of America

    “My main goal right now … is … making college students understand that … when they do activism, they engage in these activities for four years, they leave and they leave certain communities without hope after they leave,” he said. “The activism stops. Another generation comes, it happens again. It stops, and so on. So I think that our main goal now is ‘How do we keep this going?’”

  • Learning English - Voice of America

    Between 2012 and 2016, several deaths of African American men at the hands of police drew national attention. To show his support, Compres started a Bard chapter of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice. This is a national student human rights organization aiming to end police violence against African Americans and other minorities.

  • The Daily Californian

    It is worth reminding that the celebrated Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, founded in response to the shooting of Trayvon Marvin, was started by a college student. The leaders of the coalition that lobbied our very own university to divest from Wells Fargo for its financing of private prisons last month were students. The organization of the historically unrivaled Women’s March on Washington was staffed with dozens of youth activists.