Million Hoodies Statement on the Incoming Administration

For years, Black and Brown communities have been involved in a critical fight for our freedom and dignity. The new administration poses a serious threat to the continuation of the fight that will take our people to the road of freedom.  It has been marked as a commitment of the new administration to take numerous Executive Actions that will target women, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and LGBTQ people. By and large, this will have real impact in the road to liberation of our people. In truth, given a long history of oppression and the continued neglect of Black and Brown people, this new administration participates in the prolongation of our trauma and turbulent experience in this country.

We affirm our commitment to stand against violence and mistreatment of the threatened Black and Brown community. We affirm to continue our fight towards liberation as an unified organization that is committed to ensure the protection of our acquired rights and the rights yet to be acquired. Across the new administration, Black and Brown communities were used as targets; we experienced the construction of false narratives that further perpetuates the separation of our communities by targeting leaders of the black community. Furthermore, we have experienced the dehumanization of the immigrant community through a narrative that gravitates exclusively around the economic impact of such community. The fear tactics used to promote Islamophobia and xenophobia have put refugee and Muslim communities in the crosshairs, and Americans are being used as scapegoats to distract us from real, impactful issues. We must work consistently to understand, deconstruct, and push back against these efforts.

Our members are committed to continue the construction of a movement of dignity and respect across our community. We have the power to reshape and reimagine, through organizing we will fight to change the various forms in which the trauma of our communities will be further perpetuated by the new administration.

Watch our video message to our community about the inauguration.