We Need a Freedom City

We all need a Freedom City. Since the invention of cities, they have been multicultural sites where opportunity, knowledge, and the arts draws those from monocultural communities nearby and afar. Today, our cities are not doing enough to protect the people who live there. Police forces unfairly criminalize Black/Brown bodies through policies and practices which target our neighborhoods. Federal Agencies are cracking down on unjust immigration policies, which ignores the role the United States and other Western countries have played in shaping the Global economy which has caused this crisis in migrant labor. Over the past few years we have seen a resurgence in grassroots movement in the United States, many with a sense of justice and set of principles often captured in the phrase “intersectionality”. This phrase means many things, but at it’s heart it’s about recognizing that we do not live in just one component of our identity. If we are man, we also have race, sexuality, class, religion, and geographic elements in our identity which shape the experiences we have and how we are positioned in the world. More particularly, for me it means that to stand for an “identity” is to stand for ALL of those encompassed within it, a practice which expands our compassion.

Million Hoodies is committed to Freedom Cities because we believe our cities need to push back at the local level to resist collaboration with I.C.E. We push for Freedom Cities because we know that the struggles of Black and Brown folks living under US authority are united whether it is the tragic colonial situation of Puerto Rico, the unethical treatment of undocumented laborers, or the experiences of police brutality and mass incarceration. Freedom Cities is for all of us fighting for radical democracy, resisting further violence from the state, and wishing for a world where our cities belong to those who live there.  

By: Henry Gonzalez, Million Hoodies Organizer

Watch the video below about the Freedom Cities movement:

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  1. I admit I am part white, black and Choctaw Indian. When people see me the first thing they see is my skin color. They do not look beyond to give me credit for my wisdom. They do not merit me for my kind heart. They ignore me because I am something they do not want to understand. Because I have a learning disability and because I am intraverted, shy with a speech impediment, they see me as dumb, stupid, poor. They do not know I am college educated with a bachelor of science degree in Education, but because they do not want to time the time to get to know me they do not know the good things about me. They do not know that I am an accomplished published poet because they chose to label me as socially disabled. I grew up with disadvantages in the ghetto. I used my disability to express ideas with others. I faced a lot of diversity and I am blessed. I have poetry videos on you tube. I have audio recording on my poetry and prose online on sound cloud. My poetry and prose books are available for sale on Amazon. My poems and prose are available online web sites for free. I write about things most people do not think about giving a different outlook or point of view to a theme. Writing has enabled me to have a voice to human rights, civil rights and cultural diversity. If you want to make a mark in society you must dig a hole. If you remain silent because you are afraid of what happen, imagine the results of what could happen could be far worst than you thought. When you hold the pain inside you, you are hurting yourself. Question things we do not understand to find purpose and with your knowledge and understanding to project the images inside of empathy and service. We all have a talent and we must finds ways to use it to teach tolerance which will be your controbution to society. It does not matter when you pass the finish line, what matters is if you cross the finish line at all even if you come in last place.

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